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A truck accident can change a life forever. Because trucks are so much larger than automobiles the injuries incurred in a truck crash often require medical and other care and attention for the remainder of one's life. In these situations, truck crash victims should NOT speak to any representatives for anyone prior to consulting with their own attorney. Whereas the representatives from other companies, including your own insurance company, are there to protect someone else's interests in the case, your attorney is there to protect YOU.

For more than 30 years, I have protected seriously injured clients. My clients and I have worked together to ensure that their rights are taken into account during any matter. Semi truck crash cases are no different.

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Trucking crashes usually involve a far more complicated scenario than other motor vehicle crashes simply because of how many parties may be involved in any one commercial vehicle's history: the driver, the owner, the insurance company, the manufacturer of truck parts and the list goes on.

For that reason, I emphasize fact gathering from the very beginning of any truck crash case. My staff and I make sure to collect information such as the truck's black box, which may contain information explaining what happened during the crash. We also examine any truck driver's driving history, the truck's maintenance history and other sources of relevant information.

We review driver logs to assess the possibility of driver fatigue. Today, new issues of driver inattention also come into play. Cellphone use, texting, tweeting and other modes of social media may cause a truck driver to drive negligently, causing injury or death.

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