Toledo Misdemeanor Defense Lawyer

An experienced attorney can sometimes mean the difference in your case. Particularly when you are dealing with misdemeanors, experienced knowledge comes into play. Misdemeanors often involve assessment of very specific and unique circumstances to a case. With 30 years of experience as an attorney, I can assist you in gaining a better understanding of the nuances of your matter. With this knowledge in hand, we will work together to achieve the best results given the facts involved in your situation.

Bowling Green Traffic Ticket Attorney

I accept a full range of misdemeanor cases. I regularly advise clients regarding the entire range of misdemeanors, including drunk driving cases, speeding tickets, disorderly conduct, vandalism and the like. My goal is to gather all the evidence in your case and, where possible, successfully challenge the charges against you. If a full dismissal of your case is not available, then I seek reduced charges by negotiating with the prosecutors.

Avoid the common mistake of attempting to navigate the legal labyrinth by yourself. You have more legal options than just pleading guilty and incurring all the future problems that come with a conviction. Instead, retain me, an experienced trial attorney who can show you the obstacles and the pathways because I have already navigated them many times for others like yourself.

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