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If you have been arrested for OVI, you have five days from date of arrest to file your official challenge to your license suspension in your matter. Contact me immediately so I can help you before your case proceeds any further.

Bowling Green OVI Defense Attorney

I protect all of my clients by evaluating and preparing the legal arguments that will best protect their rights. My job is to collect all the evidence in your case, including the evidence that the prosecutor has. This evidence usually includes the results of the breath test, for instance. It also usually includes the operator's certificate for the breath test machine, and evidence of the calibration of the machine as determined by the Department of Health.

My staff and I gather and process all of this information in order to build challenges to the evidence before the case even gets to court. Many times, this process of evidence gathering can be used to negotiate a plea bargain - a reduced charge - with the prosecutor, if not gaining an outright dismissal of your case. Your case, in other words, may be defeated even at this early point based only on procedural issues. The actual facts of your case may never even be raised if we successfully challenge your case early enough.

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For a completely confidential and entirely discreet discussion with an Ohio lawyer concerning your DUI defense matter, please call me at 567-298-4661. You can also contact me online to schedule your appointment.